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Satisfaction? Yeah. Dah 4 hari aku bekerja kat Pasaraya Sena Indah. Best sbb dapat hilangkan boring. Hari-hari bangun 8, pukul 9 masuk kerja. Pastu pkul 4.30 boleh balik. Itulah jadual seharian aku seminggu ni. Tapi aku lebih suka buat OT (Over Time) sbb kalau balik pun aku boleh buat apa sangat selain mengadap depan PC ? OT dapat duit woo.. Igt senang ka nak dapat duit mudah-mudah je skg ni kalau tanpa usaha kan?

Yeah, kemarin aku start ditrain jadi cashier. Ahaks, agak menarik jadi cashier sbb banyak time bleh rilex. Pesan boss aku, cashier ni rilex aja, walau ramai mana orang pun kita tetap kena rilex. Biaq orang nak ramai, kita buat kerja kena rilex. Ahaks. Rilex banyak no.. Tapi biasa la, aku ni jenih xleh dok diam sat.. Dok sat, ada la kerja lain nak buat. Pi susun Milo, susun susu, susun macam-macam la. :)

Actually, aku ada satu post yang termiss, post tentang kursus e-katalog yang aku join aritu. Nanti bila ada masa, aku post aja. Hurm, ni satu emel yang aku dapat daripada manager Hotel Langkasuka, En. Azhar;

dear muna & adam..
from the day one, i keep on saying that i also like you guys before .. wanted to gain experience ..hence, now when i start working, i knew
how the ‘clients’ see from their view ..
so if u just list the quotation & a sample of website may not be good enough..
pls x get me wrong, that’s not ur fault..and not my boss either but
u have to see from my point of view..
my boss never go to school, 70s, came from penang to langkawi,started jual sirih,bukak kedai runcit, through
hard work & disiplin , upgrade to mini market, hotel langkasuka,  then supermarket, open 2nd hotel -seaview at kuah, open
another supermarket, open another mini market, buy a warehouse, built a condo-apartment..
i myself who work for him for 1 year at that time find so, so tough to convince him to install cable to our dewan2 seminar & register $148/mth streamyx
charge..i promote & our guest-clients who are mostly cikgu2 ,officer govt officer meeting who wanted to use faster,wireless streamyxc pun complain
..still boss i rasa too expensive, boleh cover modal ker ( as installing cable to all dewan seminar cost us RM1000 )..i terpaksa tunggu anak
dia study pc from u.s balik to convince him..
u see now..? it is hard to do..& we ;re talking to my boss who is top 10 richest man in kedah…
just using nokia 3310 & no watch ! but of course, with merce s320 with kv 88 expensive car-plate,
i take it positively,
this is how cina works & berjaya ,kan? ..bukan kedekut, tapi cermat & particular in details.. my boss is in 70s anak2 dia all chartered accountant,
bla2…but then he still sihat, taichi, dok pusing, ronda2 his hotel, supermarket to check , monitor..kalau org melayu, umur 70, dok terbaring,
so this is what i want to learn from them..org cina..they all work hard, kan ? so it’s fair they got rich, even islam pun cakap, Allah tak akan
ubah nasib suatu kaum unless usaha..
back to ur situation, i strongly believed if I-Allah, i can post to u the hotel brochure earliers, u may scan & make it the best presentation ever..
why must my boss should pay u ? ask that Q to u..try to be in his position.. if u said ada template reservation, pls don’t just say it to him, but pls
show to him, demo how the reservation process can be done better by online, rather than normal phone call
yup, i agree that u end up terpaksa bersusah payah, when i x guarantee my boss jadik nak pay u..maybe worse come to worse, penat2 u buat demo
semua2, he said simply..end up sorry, not interested.. !
but u’re not loser, u gain valuable experience, ..it’;s a hard tough world out there.. money are not coming from the sky.. u have to
put sweat for it.. and many indirect lessons along with it..
if u x sanggup, just mention to me, i x want to waste ur time & mine either.. it’s ok, no hard – feeling .. & u may focus ur u intake soon..
p/s: but u know what,  our youth passionate & determination is so good ..when i dok tunggu spm like u guys, i still recalled i work part time at photostat
@ kangar, target to buy my dream stuff-.. i work 2 mths, and finally went to pdg besar to buy that  a wilson pro staff tennis racquet endorsed by pete sampras !
i puas hati..& at that time, hilang penat i for the past 2 mths !
just like my sis, struggling to grad in medical..so pls  cc this e-mail to ur adam too..
and maybe this is our last e-mail , if u x want to take that challenge..or u may think not worth it.
hence this pic of my family told u & adams a thousands words of my adik’s hard work & struggling to grad in medical.
muna & adam..
take good care.wslm
* Legend *
Adam – Aku
Muna – Member aku; aku ngan dia join venture utk cari projek bina laman web.
En. Azhar – ‘Manager’ Hotel Langkasuka

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  • aman December 24, 2006, 5:59 pm

    aku masih tgh dok cari keje…

    hmm..meri kismas…

  • Fath December 29, 2006, 10:08 pm

    aku nak keje jugak laa adam…. boleh tak? hehehe :D

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