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How to easily drive good quality, targeted traffic to your site and gives AdSense & product selling a high conversion rate? RefererX is the answer.

What are the benefits of using this software?

With RefererX you could:

  1. Attract quality, active, targeted, real human traffic back to your site easily
  2. Make your Internet marketing, faster, easier and more effective
  3. Advertise freely as much as you want (like a free PPC)
  4. Make money by selling affiliate products and services
  5. Make money through AdSense with ease
  6. Improve your website position on search engines (SERP)

How does it works?

What RefererX does is, it visits websites and identifies itself as coming from certain website, technically called “referer”. The owner of the visited websites will notice this “referer” either through their traffic analyzer or recent referer widget placed on their website. So by replacing this “referer” with your link/URL, it indirectly works as a medium for promoting your website, affiliate product or even your AdSense page. Target appropriate websites and refer as many as possible to get more visibility and gain benefits from it.

In other words, it’s like having a bunch of workers that will go to thousands of sites, distributing your pamphlets/brochures (consisting of your business information). Imagine having such staff that work 24/7, promoting to thousands quickly. It’s a dream come true! :)

How much does it cost?

With all these benefits, I’m offering the software at ONLY $67. It comes with:

  1. Malay & English Manual teaches:
    1. How to use RefererX the best way
    2. 2 money making techniques
  2. FREE lifetime support & upgrades. :) This means you’ll get all new version for FREE for life.
  3. Complimentary subscription for my other software that can be used FREELY in your Internet Marketing activities.

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